This website is mainly a catalog with reliable and relevant products, and is not directly responsible for the products. Questions about specific product should be sent to the company or the seller of the product. Any other questions related to this website (DanPC) should be sent through the contact page.
If you want to make a really big order, it is recommended to check if on the order page there's an option to order in bulk. If you can't find or having trouble ordering in bulk, it is recommended to contact the seller directly - by phone or e-mail, and/or mention that you're interested in making a big order of the product on the customer notes section of the order page (if available).
In general, DanPC is only showing products from reliable and relevant companies and sellers, but it's always recommended to use good judgement when buying a product online. DanPC recommends a few things to check before buying a product:
  • Small letters - Look for the small letters and make sure to understand them.
  • Product details - Check if the product meets your demands. If you're uncertain and still decide to buy it, it is highly recommended to check the Return Policy on the website you're buying the product from.
  • Shipping price - Check the shipping price of any product you're thinking of buying, even if it appears on DanPC. The shipping price on DanPC is an estimation and might change (usually according to the product size, weight, etc). Also, sometimes it will be better to use a package forwarding service.
  • Estimated shipping time - Check the estimated shipping time and think if you can wait that long before you buy the product.
  • Current exchange rates - On DanPC's product page the estimated USD price will be as accurate as possible, but just in case - it's better to check the product price again at the seller page for the product price and shipping cost against the current exchange rates.
The Hebrew version of this website includes products from companies that don't send products to people outside Israel, making them irrelevant to many people - so those companies' products are not shown in the English version of this website. Hopefully, the situation will change in the future.
DanPC works ONLY with safe, reliable companies and sellers. In any case, it is always recommended to check any company or seller before buying a product from them. Please use the contact page if you want to report a company or seller that appears on DanPC
It'll be great if you'll take your time to tell us about this matter so it will be resolved as quickly as possible and you'll be able to enjoy all of this website features.
New products are updated regulary, usually once a week. The website itself gets updated when there's fixes and improvements that should be done.
There's ratings and reviews for each product. They might help you learn a little more about the product from other people experience. However, each person may say different things about a product, so it is recommended to use good judgement when considering reviews and ratings.
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